Performance of amino molding compounds
Material performance
Good arc resistance and electrical insulation, water resistance and heat resistance, suitable for compression molding, suitable for making arc resistant electrical parts and explosion-proof electrical insulation parts.
Forming performance
1. Good flowability and fast hardening speed, therefore preheating and molding temperatures should be appropriate, and coating, mold closing, and pressurization speeds should be fast.
2. The molding shrinkage rate is high.
3. It contains a lot of moisture and volatile substances, which are prone to moisture absorption and agglomeration. When forming, it should be preheated and dried to prevent further moisture absorption. However, if it is too dry, its fluidity will decrease. During molding, there is moisture and decomposition products, which are acidic. The mold should be chrome plated to prevent corrosion, and exhaust should be used during molding.
4. The molding temperature has a significant impact on the quality of plastic parts. If the temperature is too high, it is prone to decomposition, discoloration, and uneven color of bubbles. If the temperature is too low, the fluidity is poor and the luster is not good.
5. When using pre pressed ingots to form large plastic parts with fine materials, large specific volume, and high inflation, it is easy to produce ripples and flow patterns, so it is generally not suitable to use.

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